The field hospital at Klungset

German base hospital 1943-1945/Swedish Red Cross hospital for Soviet POW june/july 1945

2018-03-1215:04 Ida Beate Otterlei

The field hospital at Klungset was established in 1943 by the Germans. Proper medical treatment was of great importance for thousands of soldiers in the area and also employees on the railroad project. The hospital had close to 180 beds, an isolation block and x- ray equipment.

In May 1945, the hospital became the main place of medical treatment for the ex prisoners of war. The Swedish Red Cross brought in early June medical equipment as well as doctors and nurses.

During June 1945, the Swedish health crew helped more than 400 Soviet ex prisoners who suffered from tuberculosis and emaciation. The splendid treatment saved the lives of most of them. When they left for the Soviet Union in July they were in a fairly good condition.

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