German construction site and prisoner camp

2018-03-1215:04 Ida Beate Otterlei

The remains after the German engineering in Gyltvik are monumental. Different buildings were concentrated upwards a narrow valley close to the local settlement. The engineering in Gyltvik was a productive one, and north of Gyltvik there are two completed tunnels on 364 m and 94 m. Huge masses of stone are to be found between them. Southeast of the bay there is an unfinished tunnel of 46 m. In the bay there still are some impressive constructions to view.

On top the prisoners camp was placed. There were approximately 400 Soviet prisoners. Eight died in the period 1943- 45. One of them, Vladimir Saluid, was shot after having tried to escape. On the spot of the execution there is a memorial.

Warning! It is not safe to go into the tunnels.

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German OT officers by the construction site in Gyltvik
The prisoner card of Vladimir Saluid.

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